So "What's Next" for me at Horizons if I choose to make this my new church home?

Please take some time to explore the many different ways below in which you can get involved here at Horizons. In order for this place to really feel like home, you need to get involved! Sitting on the sidelines and simply coming on Sunday mornings is not going to result in you finding what you're looking for in a church. It takes a commitment to get involved in at least one area! By getting involved you will start to build those relationships that you long for. You will also start to feel a sense of purpose for your life as God starts to use you in many significant ways.

These are your Next Steps in no particular order.  Just click on the appropriate link below for more information.

First Step - Salvation through Jesus Christ  

Next Step - Baptism by Immersion

Next Step - Learn More About the Church - First Step Class

Next Step - Commitment to Ownership – Membership 

Next Step - Find Financial Peace

Next Step - Serve with your Time and Skills

Next Step - Join a Small Group

Next Step - Help Other People