Training Resources:

Life Group leaders are constantly looking for ways to help their group members take their next steps.

Here are some training resources to help equip you and help the group you lead, to take their next steps.

Ice breakers

Icebreakers encourage people to get to know each other. Here are 15 ideas for icebreakers you can use at your next group gathering.


Guiding a Group Discussion

Group discussion is like a captivating, well-played volleyball game. As the leader, you serve the ball by asking a good question.


Handling Discussion Problems

Leaders often struggle with the unexpected
because they don’t anticipate difficult situations and are unsure how
to respond when they arise. You need to prepare for certain surprises.

Your First Group Meeting

The first group meeting is a crucial one. People will sometimes decide whether they will return based on this meeting.


Creating the Right life Group Environment

A key element to every group is the mood or tone. What happens apart from the content helps to enhance (or sometimes destroy) your group members‘ experiences.


How to Lead a Prayer Meeting

Could anything be easier than leading a simple prayer meeting? Well, certainly nothing is easier than leading a boring prayer time, but leading an engaging time of worship and prayer—that’s a challenge.

Crucial Elements of a life Group

Though groups may include a variety of members, personalities, and people, from a wide range of backgrounds, there are some elements which characterize every effective Christian small group.


Launching and Leading a life Group


Leading a small group gives you the opportunity to invest—and perhaps make the same sort of impact—in someone else’s life!


Building Community in Your Life Group

Relationships are the glue that hold small groups together. If they happen,
the group not only survives
but flourishes. If they don’t, the group is short lived.

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