Ensenada, Mexico 2019

Dates: Saturday, November 2 - Wednesday, November 6

Important Dates:

April 14 at 11:45 in the Gym- INFO Meeting (Notes from the meeting)

July 14  $100 non-refundable deposit due for airline ticket purchase (Notes from Meeting)

  • Missions Trip Meeting at 11:45 in the Youth Room

August 4  $300 non-refundable payment due for all participants

  • Missions Trip Meeting at 11:45 in the Youth Room

September 8  $300 due for all participants

  • Missions Trip Meeting at 11:45 in the Youth Room

October 6  $300 due for all participants (Notes from Meeting)

  • Each individual going on the trip must apply for a Mexican Visa. Click on the link to see directions. In the pdf there is a hyperlink to follow for application.

To make a payment:

Make checks payable to Horizons Church (and turn in to the church) or

Want to know more about Homes of Hope

Registration for the trip:

1. Please fill out this online registration form by August 4th

Release of liability |  Consent of Medical Treatment |  Parental consent form (if applicable)

2. Turn in a color copy of your passport to the church office by August 4th.

3. Airline Info - Flying Sun Country

Minneapolis (MSP) – San Diego (SAN)

Depart MSP: November 2 at 3:15pm Flight SY 403 arrive in San Diego at 5:05pm

Depart SAN: November 6 at 6:00pm Flight SY 404 arrive in MSP at 11:30pm

  • We will meet at the airport and check in as a team.

  • We will secure a group rate.

  • Tickets will have to be purchased by the church to secure group rate.

  • We will talk about luggage cost in our meetings.

  • Please click the below link and fill out the form so we can purchase your airline ticket.


4. Fill out your "Airline Ticket Info" (link below) by August 4th.

The $8,000 needed to fund the project of building a house in Ensenada, Mexico will be funded by Horizons Church. We are very humbled by the generosity of the people of our Church and the commitment of HC to continue to impact our community and world with the love of Jesus. Thank you in advance for your hard work to raise funds to go on this trip and impact others.

Other Resources:

What do I bring to the trip?

Sample Support Letter (Funds going through Horizons Church)

Sample Support Letter 2 (Funds going through YWAM)

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (This was a previous years itinerary, a new one will be created when we solidify all details)