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HC Kids is the children ministry for Horizons Church. Every Sunday morning, while you are developing your faith, we are showing your children the love of Jesus and helping them develop emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. And each age is treated differently, based on where they are in life.


Your little ones will be with loving volunteers that welcome and care for them. Activities are planned for their different stages of development to let them know how much they are loved by God.


We have a room designed especially for the toddler heart and mind with volunteers who love on them and teach them about Jesus through Bible stories and activities.


Preschool is an exciting time to explore and learn about the fact that Jesus is my Friend forever! Here they begin to experience live worship, and learn Bible stories through fun, hands on activities that make the Bible come alive. All creatively designed so that a lifelong relationship with Jesus can begin, and so that we can partner with the parents in modeling what that looks like!

K – 5th GRADE:

Kids in this environment have exciting 60-minute programming that includes: worship, skits, videos, and a small group experience with their peers. Not only will they learn about Jesus in a way they can understand, but they’ll have fun and learn how to apply what they’ve learned to their lives at home as well. Partnering with parents is one of our biggest goals! The kids will leave each week with something in their hands to help families learn together.