Giving is a response to God.  We give not because we have to, but because we get to.  We believe that God is the Creator and true owner of everything and we are simply His stewards, and we are called to be good stewards of His resources.  Giving cheerfully and generously is part of being a 3C follower of Jesus.  Horizons Church believes there are many ways to give and bless others. This includes the giving of your:


We each only have so many hours in each day. How is God leading you to use your time? How can you use it better to focus on eternal things rather than temporal things? Where are you investing your time?


We believe that God has gifted you in a unique and awesome way! How are you utilizing the ways in which God has shaped you? How are you using your special skills to be a blessing to those around you?


God also gives us tangible resources that we are to steward. Let us never forget that God owns 100% of everything. Often your heart will follow where your money goes. Giving generously is a way to worship God.

If you need to pay for an upcoming event, please use the link below:

View Giving Statement

Thank you so much for honoring God by your generous giving to Horizons Church!  Click here if you are in need of obtaining your giving statement.

Set up Automatic Giving

This is an easy and effective way to systematically give through your checking or savings account. Simply log onto your individual bank account and follow your bank’s instructions to set up Horizons Church as a new payee.

Or use this link to use our system

Additional Giving Options

If you have stocks, bonds, precious metals, vehicles or any other assets that you would like to donate, please contact our Executive Pastor.

Or if you would like to gift life insurance, retirement assets, bequests, or trusts, you may also contact our Executive Pastor.

While most gifts are tax-deductible, we recommend that you consult your tax adviser or accountant if you have questions regarding deductibility of donations.

Year to Date Giving

Why is financial stewardship such an important matter to us?

  • It's a tangible demonstration of faith, trust and obedience.

  • It fuels the ministries of our church.

  • It's an important way we participate in the Kingdom of God.

HC wants to be transparent with our finances.

  • Each week we post here our current giving totals, as compared to our year-to-date budget.

  • Numbers reflect the total giving and budgets.

  • While we share our overall church giving numbers and budget openly, we also believe that what you give is meant to be between you and God. All contributions are treated as confidential and we use secure solutions for online giving.

Thank you for your generous and faithful giving

that enables us to fulfill the mission of,

"Helping People Find Their Way Back to God".


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When you give, you are making a difference. You are helping people find their way back to God and helping us reach our community. There's no better investment in the world.

If you have any questions please contact us.