Ownership Class

Sunday, February 12, 10:30 AM - Sunday, February 12, 11:30 AM

Why Ownership?

Horizons Church desires that every attender takes a step forward in their spiritual journey and becomes an Owner of Horizons.  When a person becomes an owner, the church is no longer a church or that church, but it becomes MY CHURCH!

As an Owner, each person is declaring that they are embracing the values and responsibilities of ownership.  And as more attenders embrace ownership, it enables the church to reach its greatest potential and truly become the unstoppable force that Jesus called it to be.

Ownership Class has been designed to be a fun, engaging and exciting experience.  We promise that the hour will be over before you know it!  There will even be giveaways - no, really!  So don't miss it - and register today.

Ownership class is offered for individuals twelve years old and up.

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