Homes of Hope

Tuesday, September 27, 4:00 PM - Tuesday, September 27, 5:00 PM

Ensenada, Mexico

February 25 - 29, 2016

Important Dates:

November 5th $85 non-refundable deposit for airline ticket purchase

December 13th $300 balance of airline ticket due

January 10th at noon in the North Auditorium - Missions Trip Meeting

January 13th $450 program fee is due

February 7th $150 Charitable giving can be turned in at any time, this is just a target amount and date for fundraising purposes

February 14th Pot Luck and last meeting before we leave!!

Learn more about Homes of Hope here!


The first thing we need is a color copy of your passport.

Secondly , you will need to fill out this online registration form.

Release of liability|  Consent of Medical Treatment|  Parental consent form (if applicable)

Paying for the trip:

If you are fundraising for your trip and will be wanting a tax deductible receipt for you or your donors then the contributions will be designated and turned in to Horizons Church (and the church will purchase all items).  All money that is given for this trip will be designated for missions and the contributor will allow the church to allocate the funds where needed.

Please note: Monetary gifts are tax deductible. Checks should be made out to Horizons Church, but please do not write anything on the Memo line as this could jeopardize your gift’s tax deductible status.

1. Program fee is $450

Best options for this payment is to pay with cash or check. The check can be made out to Horizons Church and we will send your program fee to YWAM in Ensenada, MX.

If you choose to pay with a credit card click here.

Include the following information:

  • Donation Amount: $450
  • Designate Team Name: Horizons Church 2016
  • Trip Attendance: "I am attending this trip"
  • In the notes portion:  payment for program fees

2. Airfare: $385

Minneapolis (MSP) – San Diego (SAN)

Depart: Feb 25 on Sun Country 407 at 7:30 am – 9:20 am|   Return: Feb 29 on404 at 5:20pm - 10:50pm

  • We have secured a group rate with Sun Country. Cost will include 2 checked in bags and a carry on.
  • Tickets will have to be purchased by the church, so money will need to be turned in to the church.
  • Please fill out the following information so we can purchase your airline ticket.

3. Charitable Giving: $150

We will have the opportunity to be generous towards other groups of people while in Mexico. We will be generous towards the family we are building a house for, we will be generous towards the missionaries who serve there, and we will be doing an outreach to the people of Ensenada.

The amount you give (or raise through donations) could be more or less than this amount, we just want you to have a figure to work towards.

The $8,000 needed to fund the project of building a house in Ensenada, Mexico will be funded by Horizons Church. We are very humbled by the generosity of the people of our Church and the commitment of Horizons to continue to impact our community and world with the love of Jesus. Thank you in advance for your hard work to raise funds to go on this trip and impact others.

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