Join us to celebrate the hope we have in Jesus…..EASTER at Horizons

We'd love for you to join us this Easter as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We will be having four identical celebration services. You won't want to miss it! Kids will be having their own services full of fun, surprises and a wonderful message about Jesus.


Sat April 20th 4pm

Sat April 20th 6pm

Sun April 21st 9am

Sun April 21st 10:30am

Doors to the auditorium will open no later than 30 minutes before the start of the service. Plan to arrive in plenty of time to park, head to the auditorium, and get settled in your seat.

If you have children to check into our children’s ministry, we encourage you to plan additional time into your schedule. If this is your first visit, you can also choose to pre-register your child online to ensure quick and easy check-in when you arrive for service.


We want your children to experience an exciting Easter too, which is why we have created a high-energy Horizon’s Kids service (for Kinder through fifth graders) where they will hear the Easter story through an interactive message that is specifically tailored for them. We also have excellent nursery care for children six weeks to pre-school. If you are a first-time guest, for more information or to pre-register your child, please visit

First Time Guests

If this will be your first time at Horizons Church, welcome! When you arrive, our team will help you find a parking spot, inside you can grab a complimentary cup of coffee, and we’ll be there to help you find a seat. In the service, you will hear dynamic worship music, experience special elements through video, lighting and other special effects, and most importantly, you will hear an uplifting message of hope through Jesus.


Below are some other FAQ’s that may be helpful

Frequently Asked Questions about Easter at Horizons:

Is it free to attend a service?

There is no cost to attend a Service at Horizons but it is recommended that you arrive at least 10 minutes before the service starts.

Once you arrive, grab a snack in the cafe and make your way into the main room.

Where do I park and enter the building?

As soon as you enter our church grounds (right off of HWY 65), you will see our South Parking lot. That is our main parking lot. You will also see our door greeters holding the doors under the canopy.

Please don’t be intimidated by all the friendly faces. Warning, you will be greeted by several friendly faces before you enter our main room!

What time should I arrive?

You can help us plan a great experience by arriving at least 10 minutes before the start of the service.

If you are a first time guest with children and did not pre-register your child, come at least 15 minutes early.

What should I expect on my first visit?

From the moment you first arrive, it’s our goal to make you feel at home. Someone from our Guest Services team will meet you at the front door with a smile and will be ready to answer any questions you might have.

From there, you will make your way into our building and you will be immediaelty in our Café.  Right in the heart of our building is our main room where our service is held.

Our services will start right on time, so come early to get a great seat! When you make your way into the main room, it may be dark in the beginning of the service, but don’t worry lights will adjust for different parts of the service.

At any time if you have questions just find someone with a lanyard and we will be ready to assist you.

Are you doing anything special for kids?

Yes, besides the awesome time they will have at one of our 4 Easter Services, We will be having an awesome event following Easter on Friday, May 10th called FAMTASTIC. Click here for more info

Is there a dress code?

We like to tell people, “come as you are.” Overall, the dress code is very casual.

When attending Easter at Horizons, you may see some wearing suits and dresses. You will also see some in jeans and t-shirts. For sure you will see alot of plaid!

We really don’t care what you wear, we just care that you’re here!

Can I watch the service on line?

Yes, you will be able to watch SUNDAY services ONLY online.

Just scroll to the bottom of the web page and click the “Watch Live” link.