Awaken 21

Awaken 21 - Day 3

We all have an inner sense that we are undeserving of forgiveness, and the truth is, we really are unworthy of it. The Bible says ""All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God"" (ROM. 3:23), but the solution isn't found in attempting to be a better person. The only way to eternal life in heaven is through repenting of your sins and giving your life to Jesus Christ.

You cannot earn Gods forgiveness. It does not matter how many old ladies you help across the street, that you've always been your teacher's favorite and mommy's special child, or that your grades are good and you've been voted "most likely to succeed." God is not a cosmic Santa Clause tallying up all your good deeds on an eternal "naughty or nice" list. Salvation is not a "thing" to be earned but a gift God gives freely. The Bible says "Salvation comes from the Lord." Too many young people try to earn Gods acceptance without realizing they are already accepted! Life is now no longer about what you've done, but about what He's done. Jesus loved you so much that he was pierced for you, that you might live and have eternal life.

Bible Reading:

  1. Romans 3:23
  2. I Corinthians 1:30
  3. John 3:16