Awaken 21

Awaken 21 - Day 20

Our culture is fame obsessed. From selfies to social media, reality TV to Hollywood stars we have elevated normal people to god-like positions giving them our unending attention and adoration. Fame has become the holy grail of a generation with “becoming famous” now ranking as the #1 goal of pre-teens in the United States. The reality is Jesus Christ alone deserves all honor, glory, and fame. Foolish men have tried to stop the progress of Christ’s fame, with as much success as trying to command the sea or halt a hurricane. Eventually every man or woman, no matter how well known, will fade from the spotlight, but the fame of Jesus Christ will outlast eternity. When words fail mankind, His Word will endure. Governments will be swept away and kingdoms will fall, but before Christ “every knee shall bow and tongue will confess that He is Lord.” It should be the foremost goal of every believer to make Jesus famous.

Bible Reading:

  1. Matthew 4:23-25