Awaken 21

Awaken 21- Day 18

Jesus is at the head of the Church, and it's utmost authority. Jesus appoints men and woman through the Holy Spirit to positions within local churches to encourage and build it up. These people are overseers who perform different functions such as: to care for the flock, expose false teachers, pray for the church, preach sound doctrine, care for the widows and orphans, and guide the Church in the will of God (Acts 20:28). These men, known as “elders,"are chosen from the body, affirmed by the Holy Spirit. These are men who are above reproach, having one wife and family who are believers, not given to rebellion, alcohol, or shady business deals, but good, sensible, and faithful to the Word (Titus 5:9). Young believers should humbly submit to the elders, and allow their wisdom to guide your walk. These elders have encountered serious spiritual opposition in their lifetime and know how to win a spiritual battle.

Bible Reading:

  1. Romans 13:1
  2. Daniel 2:21