Awaken 21

Awaken 21 - Day 13

One way to live a life of generosity is to tithe consistently to the local church. Tithing is where you set aside 10% of any money that you received that week, and give it to God. This Biblical concept is first seen in Genesis 14 when Abraham gives a tenth of all of the plunder he won in battle to a man named Melchizadek who was the High-Priest of God. Tithing is a response to the blessing, not the source of it; God is the source. We don't tithe to get from God, we tithe because he already gave to us.

Our money should declare the blessings of our Savior as our only source. Jesus being the source of blessing frees us to be bound to no one and no thing but HIM. We no longer operate under fear, self, or foolishness but in wisdom and faith. Our money serves Christ. We don't serve our money.

Bible Reading:

  1. Matthew 6:24